August 2022

August 2022

August is here.. the full heat of summer, long lazy days, sand in the toes and smores. Kids home that are sometimes happy, sometimes bored. We've been spending a lot of time close to home, my studio time has been somewhat limited but I do enjoy when one of my kids comes and pulls up a seat. There is a special companionship that comes from sharing a space and creating together. I'm not perfect, sometimes I crave quiet.. I want to be left with my coffee and my thoughts.. and maybe just maybe I do a happy dance when they go to grandma's for the night! But I know these moments won't last forever and I hope they will always think of my art studio as a place of comfort.. to come and be yourself.

The past two months I have been working away on a series inspired by Hydrangeas but also inspired by meditation. The idea of enjoying the act of repetition, petal after petal being painted. I wanted to keep my work impressionistic, not tedious and tight. For my colours to be harmonious, using a somewhat limited palette and when choosing those colours being fully attentive to the range they can bring.  Painting Hydrangeas is so much about the push and pull of painting layers of light and dark, I think that is a big part of what attracts me to painting nature themes.. that contrast. I'm very happy to release this small collection this month and I feel certain this is a concept I will revisit.

You can view the collection here:



August Book Picks



Sketch by Sketch. A Creative Path to emotional Healing and Transformation by Sheila Darcy.

I picked up this book tying into the theme of art as meditation after hearing a podcast interview featuring the author. (you can hear the podcast episode here: )

The book reminds me a bit of the beloved classic "the Artists Way" by Julia Cameron but instead of showing up daily to do three pages of stream of consciousness writing you are showing up daily for a 10 - 30 minute sketch. I think if you are the type of person who struggles to not rip those less then desirable drawings out of your sketchbook (Guilty!) this might be a good pick for you. The author emphasizes that this practice is truly for anyone, if you can doodle you'll be set! Each chapter includes prompts and different peoples testimonials and drawing examples that were both encouraging and inspiring. At its core I think this book is about connecting with emotions through your unique marks. It is a process that doesn't focus on outcome.. it's not so much about improving your drawing skills as it is about transformation and gaining insight. 

You can view the book here:




Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration ~ Art Supplies.

The 10th volume in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration is all about Art Supplies.. I know none of us can get enough of that!! Flipping through this book I can't help but feel like digging through my forgotten supplies to play and let loose! The book is composed of short stories about manufacturing, materials and accessories told through artists and artisans. Beautifully illustrated through photography and artwork, this edition is a must-have volume in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration. A perfect throw in your bag summer read! 



You can view the book here:


Next month I will be reviewing a few new supplies of my own. I hope to sneak in as much studio time as I can with a theme of exploration and creative play. There are few things I love more than new art supplies and a fresh book!

I hope you will enjoy the next month of summer!! XO


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